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Cellular Nutrients for Nose, Throat and Lung cells

PNP 9 is an alcoholic extract of mixed food herbs and spices. The herbs and spices used in PNP 9 have been used as food by humans for centuries and as such PNP 9 is essentially non toxic. It contains only components that are generally classified as foods.

PNP 9 provides cellular nutrients that assist lung, throat and nasal cells to resist the effects of cold and flu viruses. It should be used at the first hint of symptoms. Although the mode of action is not fully understood it is believed to be due to naturally occurring compounds present in the spice and herb extracts that are used as nutrients by the cells. These nutrients help the cells to resist the biochemical changes that are caused by cold and flu virus infections. Resisting these biochemical changes reduces infection and the symptoms of infection.

PRECAUTIONS: 1. Persons with known sensitivity to herbs and spices and their extracts should not be use PNP 9.

2. If allergy, irritation or symptoms worsen discontinue use.


3. PNP 9 contains alcohol and may cause stinging when applied to broken or abraded skin and may effect blood alcohol readings.

4. Asthmatics should use PNP 9 cautiously as it may exacerbate certain allergic Asthma.



  1. At the first hint of a respiratory infection including sore throats, place one drop of PNP 9 inside the mouth.
  2. Take PNP 9 three times per day for three days. PNP 9 may be taken up to 5 times per day in extreme circumstances.
  3. PNP 9 may be used as a prophylactic prior to Respiratory virus exposure. Where family members or work mates have a respiratory infection the use of PNP 9 can significantly reduce your risk of catching the virus. Use is also recommended where you are exposed to people sneezing and coughing. Apply 1 drop per day for up to 7 days if using PNP 9 as a prophylactic.

Please note, although PNP 9 has been designed to assist cells to resist a wide range of respiratory pathogens, it may not protect from infection or reduce symptoms for all known respiratory pathogens. For some people there may be a temporary increase in mucal secretions but this will be reduced after first 24 hours. All Peak Natural Product's formulations are made to the highest quality standards and every batch is tested for your safety.

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