Cellular nutrients for Lung, Nose and Throat cells.

Colds and Flu are a major cause of death worldwide!

All claims made in this document are fully provable and are based on human trials, laboratory studies, published peer reviewed scientific research and empirical evidence.

If taken soon enough or as a preventative PNP 9 may stop you from developing a cold or flu. PNP 9 is the new way to resist colds and flu and reduce symptoms when you are unfortunate enough to catch a cold or flu.

Cold and flu viruses cause changes in respiratory cell metabolism that assists the virus to replicate faster and exacerbate the symptoms of infection. Scientific research has shown that common food herbs contain naturally occurring compounds that allow cells to naturally resist these biochemical changes and to suppress replication of the viruses.

PNP 9 is a unique blend of food herb extracts that assist cells to resist the majority of biochemical changes caused by cold and flu viruses. Laboratory studies show that components of PNP 9 may also disrupts viral proteins in cold and flu viruses. PNP 9 is not a drug and is essentially non-toxic. It is produced from food herb extracts and contains only ingredients that are generally classified as foods.

PNP 9 is the natural way to resist colds and flu.

At the first hint of a cold or flu a drop of PNP 9 should be placed in the mouth. Take three times per day for three days or until symptoms are gone.

In trials, PNP 9, if used soon enough after infection occurs, may stop all symptoms of a cold developing and can significantly reduce symptoms when a cold does develop. PNP 9 may have no effect on some respiratory infections. Laboratory research has shown that the ingredients in PNP 9 are active against more than 200 common respiratory viruses.


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