Beautiful Skin in 7 Days

Skin cells have a cell wall that is made up of fatty acids. This fatty acid layer holds in the contents of the cell and protects the cell from loss of water, Sun light damage, heat, cold and environmental pollutants. When the skin is cut or burned these fatty acids are released and stimulate the immune system to begin repairs.

After years of research and careful formulation Peak Natural Products has developed New Skin. New Skin duplicates the essential fatty acids that make up the cell walls of the skin and contains extracts of food herbs that gently stimulate the immune system to repair the skin.

Application of new Skin restores and renews the skin. Dramatic results are obvious in 7 days and on going improvement will occur for up to a year. After no further improvement is noted apply New Skin twice weekly to maintain benefits.

What NEW SKIN does for your skin.

1. The first application of New Skin replenishes the fatty acid layer in the cell walls. This results in the skin being more flexible and retaining moisture. This improves with each application reaching maximal effect around 7 days. You will notice that your skin is softer, suppler moist and shinning.

2. The combination of fatty acids and herbal extracts in New Skin gently stimulates the repair of damaged skin cells and the growth of new skin cells in a totally natural way. Depending on the severity and extent of damage cells further improvement in skin appearance will occur for up to a year.

3. We recommend the use of Sun Screens and covering up when out in the sun but we also realize that this is not always possible and sometimes not what you wish to do. Independent scientific studies have shown that application of essential fatty acids to the skin after exposure to the sun significantly reduces sun damage. On the basis of these studies we strongly suggest that you apply New Skin before and after exposure to the sun.

4. Although New Skin sets back the clock for aging skin there are a number of things that you can do to assist in keeping your skin as young as possible. By following at least two of the suggestions on the list below you can improve your skin further. Items at the top of this list have the most beneficial effects on skin health. Items at the bottom have a lesser effect in improving skin health.

a) Exercise improves circulation through the skin and assist with sleep and reduces stress. Raise heart rate for at least 30 minutes 4 times per week. (This provides a general improvement in your well being)(Consult a doctor if you have underlying health problems)

b) Cut back or remove smoking, tea and coffee, cola drinks and saturated fats

c) Increase consumption of fruit and vegetables in the diet.

d) Maximize your sleep so that you have around 9 hours at least four nights per week.

e) Have one day a week where you relax totally.

f) Use soap alternatives to wash your skin. If using soap products the skin should have an acidity pH of 5.5 most soaps have a pH above 8

NEW SKIN'S natural formulation provides affordable skin care for everyone.



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