These clinical notes have been prepared for the exclusive use of health care professionals to assist with the prescribing of Power Rub.


Power Rub is the natural drug free way to improve muscle performance and improve recovery after exercise. It is suitable for use with all standards of athletes and with people suffering debilitating muscle weakness and over-training syndrome.

Power Rub contains a specially formulated mixture of minerals, vitamins and alcoholic extracts of ginger and clove that improves the ability of muscle fibres to fire longer before they reach exhaustion. This allows muscles to perform at a higher level of work-load and reduces the chances of injury and improves recovery. Power Rub should be applied approximately 30 minutes before exercise and immediately after exercise and to any painful muscles after recovery.

In laboratory studies of single muscle fibres the active ingredients in power rub achieve around a 50% increase in muscle firing times before exhaustion compared to untreated fibres. In practical use the improvement in muscle performance is dependent on fitness. For elite athletes the improvement is around 0.5% through to a Chronic Fatigue suffer achieving around 30% improvement in muscle performance. These are approximate figures based on practical use and individuals may achieve different benefits.

Power Rub is extremely useful for treating persons suffering from debilitating muscle weakness who feel that they would like to exercise. It should be applied to the main muscles of the legs on getting out of bed in the morning and to any other muscles that are aching. After exercise it should be reapplied to any painful muscles. In general this allows exercise to be carried out daily and produces a positive feedback loop as opposed to the negative feed back normally associated with muscle weakness. A lot of muscle weakening diseases can be associated with allergies. Although Power Rub has been specially formulated from natural low allergy ingredients if your patient has allergies please organise with us to provide a small sample to test your patient. Between 1 in 2000 to 4000 people in the general public are likely to be allergic to Power Rub.

For Athletes subject to drug testing Power Rub contains alcohol and it may affect blood alcohol readings. All other ingredients to our knowledge are not detected in standard drug testing. For further information or assistance in drug testing please contact peak.

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