Curable and Preventable?

(These clinical notes have been prepared for the exclusive use of health care professionals)

Although there are multiple theories about the causes of dementia, research has not yet isolated a specific cause. The following facts about dementia indicate that a cure and/or prevention is possible.

Known Risk Factors for Dementia

1. Diabetes sufferers have a higher incidence of Dementia .

2.Heart disease including high blood pressure.

3Vascular dementia which is caused by poor blood flow and low oxygen levels in the brain is hard to distinguish from Alzheimer's disease (AD) the most common form of dementia.AD is characterised by protein miss folding in the brain.

4.Proteins can miss fold in the body due to osmotic pressure and a lack of oxygen. High blood glucose can caused osmotic pressure and cause poor blood flow and a lack of oxygen. 5.Experimentally induced lack of oygen produces brain wave pattern in healthy people very similar to those found in AD sufferers.

6.There is a problem with the transport and utilisation of glucose in dementia.

7. Lack of Oygen switches on approximately 800 genes some of which are associated with dementia

Known Reduction Factors for Dementia

1. People who exercise regularly have a lower risk of dementia and dementia sufferers who exercise have improved symptoms .

2.Ketones in the diet improve the symptoms of dementia sufferers.

3. In the non demented elderly exercise significantly reduces the risk of developing dementia. In the demented exercise improves symptoms

4.A healthy diet at age 50 including fruit vegetables berries low saturated fat and high intake of omega 3 fatty acids reduces the incidence of dementia by up to 90% and significantly reduced risk for people who are genetically predisposed towards dementia.

5. Mental puzzles reduce risk of dementia

6. Vitamin D3 and Vit B12 improve symptoms

7.A single resitence training session of as little as 20 minutes improves recall of items seen 48 hours before hand.

Preventing and Treating Dementia

1. Exercise to increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain and to reduce insulin resistance is the single most important step.

2. Diet is also important, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and omega 3 Fatty acids.

3. Low Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and low Sodium are associated with confusion and falls in the elderly and increased risk of dementia. Get tested and or take a supplement..

4. Reduce Sugar and carbohydrates in the diet. For someone who is diabetic the latest research indicates that low cabs diet with unsaturated fats and protein will provide better blood sugar control.

5. Brain Gel is a nutritionally balanced formulation that is absorbed through the skin. It supplies a mixture of amino acids, ketones and natural non-inflammatory formula to assist Dementia sufferers to reverse symptoms. Brain Gel can assist muscles in exercising longer with lowered risk of injury. In the nondemented it greatly reduces the chances of developing dementia Brain Gel should be used in conjunction with Items 1 to 4.

A lack of bloodflow through the brain reduces the oxygen available to brain tissues and this explains most dementia symptoms.

Brain Gel helps correct this

The latest research points strongly to Dementia being the accumulation of a life time of lifestyle choices. Its not too late to change your life style.