Clinical Notes for Health Care Professionals


Chronic pain is a debilitating condition affecting all age groups. Its causes can be very diverse including shingles, cancer, arthritis, injuries and a range of chronic illness like MS and fibromyalgia.  Chronic pain increases the incidence of heart disease and a number of other age related conditions.


Using the power of hot chillies combined with the soothing anti-inflammatory and muscles relaxant properties of The Rub Peak Natural Products has been able to achieve significant pain relief for a wide range of chromic pain.


The Rub Plus contains significant amounts of hot chilli extract and it is advisable to apply it with a latex glove on, so that the eyes or genitals do not come into contact with The Rub Plus. It will cause intense sensation on sensitive tissues. If applied with the bare hand wash carefully with soap and water immediately after applying. It should be applied with caution to broken skin. Stinging can occur but in trials this appeared to be manageable


Apply to dry skin only. On application the skin will become hot then this will pass and the applied area will become warm. If exercise is performed or it is a hot day the skin can become hot again.


Pain relief is achieved by components of the hot chillies blocking nerve impulses at the site of application and the ginger and cloves extracts reducing swelling at the site.


Long term studies seem to indicate that no permanent damage is done to the nerves and that reduction in nerve impulses tends to normalise the response to pain at the site of application. 


A recently published study also indicates that sustained long term pain relief can be obtained. During trialling of the product this was also noted. After application twice daily for 14 days The Rub Plus was only need to be applied once or twice a week to achieve adequate pain relief.


Pain relief without side effects has been shown to improve general health.