ACNE and SKIN Infections

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Tincture of Thyme was a recommended treatment for Acne in the British Pharmacopeia up till the 1960s when it5 was replaced by Benzoyl Peroxide creams Recently British researchers decided to compare the anti-bacterial properties of both product. They were surprised that the Thyme killed more acne bacteria than the Benzoyl Peroxide. Skin Gel is based on this research.


Peak has combined an alcoholic extract of Thyme, Ginger,  Cloves, Glycerine and a natural Gum to produce Skin Gel. The alcoholic extracts of Thyme and Cloves provide a broad spectrum antibacterial, Cloves and Ginger provide anti-inflammatory relief whilst glycerine soothes the skin and stops the alcohol from drying the skin.

A limited trial has shown significant improvement in Golden Staph skin infections.


Research indicates that Skin Gel is effective against a wide range of skin infections. 





the complete answer to ACNE



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