Product Information Sheet


Soft Feet



PRODUCT: Soft Feet is a specially formulated mixture comprising biologically balanced combination of essential fatty acids and food herbs extracts. The herbs and spices used in preparing Soft Feet have been used as food for humans for centuries and are essentially non-toxic.



Soft foot contains the two essential fatty acids that control the moisture balance and flexibility of the skin. These fatty acids make the skin soft and supple and restore waterproof barrier of the skin. The unique combination of food herb extracts creates an environment on the feet and in shoes that is not conducive to fungal growth or fungal spore formation.



1.      Soft Feet should not be used by persons with known sensitivity to herbs and spices and their extracts particularly lemon grass, cloves, cinnamon and ginger.


2. If an allergy, irritation or a flare up of skin occurs discontinue use.


3. Soft Feet may stain clothing



1.Products containing calendula may cause irritation when used with Foot Gel.

2.Soft Feet may increase the speed of healing of skin wounds.




1.      Massage Soft Feet into your feet morning and night for first 14- 21 days. After showering, carefully dry feet and apply Soft Feet to the feet paying particular attention to between toes, on the nails and along sides of the heels. Caution feet can be a little slippery if applied before showering. Should you apply too much excess should be wiped off with paper towel.


2.      Soft Feet should be applied before engaging in physical activity that may cause the feet to sweat.


3.      For people with unhealthy feet it is recommended that Soft Feet be applied at least three times daily. Do not apply more than 6 times per day


4.      Once the feet are healthy, Soft Feet should be applied as required .


5.      Follow Helpful Hints for Healthy Feet and be aware that it can take from 14 to 21 days to achieve an environment where fungi have difficulty in propagating.