Product Information Sheet

Foot Gel


PRODUCT: Foot Gel is a specially formulated mixture comprising alcoholic extracts of food herbs spices and a natural gum. The herbs and spices used in preparing Foot Gel have been used as food for humans for centuries and are essentially non-toxic.



Foot Gel is extremely helpful for unhealthy, sweaty and smelly feet and it also relaxes and revitalises bruised, sore and aching feet. Foot Gel also creates an environment on the feet and in shoes that is not conducive to fungal growth or fungal spore formation.


Foot Gel  used in conjunction with SOFT FEET provides the ultimate in Foot Health Care.



1. Foot Gel should not be used by persons with known sensitivity to herbs and spices and their extracts particularly lemon grass, cloves, cinnamon and ginger.


2. If an allergy, irritation or a flare up of skin occurs discontinue use.


3. Foot Gel should applied cautiously to broken skin as it may sting. Soft Feet is

better for broken skin.



1.Products containing calendula may cause irritation when used Foot Gel.

2.Foot Gel may affect Blood alcohol readings.




1.      Foot Gel is used to keep the feet dry and to relax and revitalize the feet. Apply morning and night for first 14- 21 days. After showering, carefully dry feet and apply Foot Gel to the feet paying particular attention to between toes, on the nails and along sides of the heels. Foot Gel can also be applied before showering if you do not like the look of the shower you are about to use. It acts as a protective barrier in this circumstance. Caution feet can be a little slippery if applied before showering.


2.      Foot Gel should be applied before engaging in physical activity that may cause the feet to sweat or become tired. If you are on your feet all day or suffer from aching feet massage your feet with Foot Gel at lunch time to relax and revitalize your feet for the rest of the day.


3.      For people with unhealthy feet it is recommended that Foot Gel be applied at least three times daily. Do not apply more than 4 times per day


4.      Once the feet are healthy, Foot Gel may only be required 2 to 3 times per week. Individual judgement is however required to obtain best results.


5.      Follow Helpful Hints for Healthy Feet and be aware that it can take from 14 to 21 days to achieve an environment where fungi have difficulty in propagating.