Cellular Nutrients for Muscles and Tendon Performance


EXTREME SPORT Rub is  specially formulated mixture comprising alcoholic extracts of Rosemary,Ginger, Cloves, a natural gum and naturally occurring compounds GABA and HMB. The herbs and spices used in preparing the EXTREME SPORT Rub have been used as food for humans for centuries and are essentially nontoxic and GABA and HMB exist in the body without toxicity.


EXTREME SPORT Rub provides cellular nutrients for muscles and tendons. It has been specifically formulated to assist muscle and joint cells. Although the mode of action is not fully understood the nutrients in EXTREME SPORT Rub seem to maintain and restore normal cellular functions and hence improve performance and speed healing.



1. EXTREME SPORT Rub should not be used by persons with known sensitivity to Ginger, Cloves, Rosemary, GABA of HMB.

2. If an allergy, irritation or other reaction occurs wash the affected area with soap and water and discontinue use.

3. This product may not help all people. If no benefit is observed in 24 hours discontinue use. 4. Calendula based products may cause an allergy when used with EXTREME SPORT Rub.


EXTREME SPORT Rub contains alcohol and may cause stinging when applied to broken skin or may cause drying of the skin if used for prolonged periods. It may also affect blood alcohol readings. The Rosemary Extract contains Ursolic acid which can cause anabolic effects.



Apply to main muscle and joint groups before and after training or performance.


Where injury or soreness has occurred, immediately massage into the injured muscle or joint. If required it can be applied up to 6 times per day until relief then use as required. Note injured tendons can take up to 3 months to heal.


EXTREME SPORT Rub contains plant extracts, which may stain clothing. Our cleaning consultant has indicated to us that the stains can be removed by using a good quality stain remover or applying detergent to the stain then washing normally.


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All Peak Natural Product's formulations are made to the highest quality standards and every batch is tested for your safety. Some cloudiness or particles may be noted in the RUB. These are present because the RUB is manufactured from Plant Extracts and in no way affect the quality or use of the RUB.



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