Younger Suppler Moist Skin in 7 days


PRODUCT: New Skin is a mixture of herb and spice extracts combined with a biologically balanced mixture of fatty acids. The herbs and spices used in preparing New Skin have been used as food for humans for centuries. The fatty acids are obtained from food grade oil.


INDICATIONS: New Skin stimulates the growth of new skin, and makes existing skin younger looking, softer and suppler and able to better resist sun damage. Take years off your appearance by following our 7 day beauty plan.


MODE OF ACTION: The essential fatty acids in New Skin act as nutrients for skin cells and insure that skin is in perfect condition whilst the herb and spice extracts act as antioxidants to protect the skin. The combination of essential fatty acids and herbs stimulates the growth of new replacement skin where the skin is damaged.


PRECAUTIONS: 1. New Skin should not be used by persons with known sensitivity to herbs and spices and their extracts particularly ginger and cloves. 2. If an allergy, irritation occurs discontinue use Tests indicate that around 1 in 4000 may suffer an allergic reaction. Calendula products used with New Skin seem to increase the incidence of allergy 3. This is a vegetable oil based product and if you are not happy with oil based products do not purchase.

SIDE EFFECTS: The only observed side effect is that skin heals more quickly after cuts and scratches.


The 7 Day Beauty Plan


  1. Gently massage new skin into all skin that you want to look more youthful. Avoid putting new skin in the eyes. Careful application to the eye lids is possible. New skin can stain clothing see below.
  2. New skin produces best results if applied up to 6 times per day but good results will be obtained as long as it is applied at least twice daily. If you use make up apply New Skin before applying make up and after removing make up. Most make up will not be necessary once New Skin begins to take effect.
  3. New Skin is absorbed into the skin fairly readily and is not overly greasy. However if you find this a problem massage the skin for a minute or two after applying New Skin then gently wipe the skin with a tissue to remove the oily layer.

  5. Always apply New Skin after exposure to the sun. This limits sun damage and allows rapid repair of sun damage. New Sin is suitable to put on cuts and surgical wounds and improves healing and limits scaring. In a small study of woman undergoing breast surgery scaring was significantly reduced.

  7. Diet and Sleep are important aspects of well being and skin health. Use the 7 days plan to decrease saturated fat intake and increase exercise and fruit and vegetable intake. Try to get at least 9 hours sleep every night. Reduce or cut out nicotine and caffeine. You will be a new person with more energy and a younger appearance.

  9. New Skin contains vegetable oil, which may stain clothing. Our cleaning consultant has indicated to us that the stains can be removed by using a good quality stain remover or applying detergent to the stain then washing normally.



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