Helpful Hints


Healthy Feet


Modern living is not conducive to having healthy feet. Shoes, socks and stockings do not permit full airflow around the feet and the materials used assist fungi and spores to proliferate on the skin and in shoes and socks.


The key to healthy feet is the need to keep the feet dry whilst maintaining the natural water barrier of the skin.


It is important to carefully dry the feet after showering.


In general the following dos and don'ts will assist in maintaining foot health.



1.      Do not wear shoes or socks made from synthetic materials. (Most sneakers and socks have a high proportion of synthetic materials)

2.      Do not allow the feet to become hot and sweaty.

3.      Do not allow showers towels and bath mats to stay damp for any length of time.

4.      Do not wear socks more than once between washes.

5.      Do not wear the same pair of shoes every day.




1.  Wear 100% cotton socks when ever possible. These breathe and keep the skin at close to optimum moisture balance.

2.      Wear shoes made from breathable materials like leather or cotton.

3.      Regularly disinfect showers and tiles.

4.      Hang bath mats and towels out in sun after using. Wash these items regularly.

5.      Expose shoes to direct sun light when ever possible and use a hair dryer to dry the inside of shoes.

6.      Shoes can be disinfected by placing a drop of essential oil on a piece of cotton wool inside shoe and leaving for a day in a warm place. Lemon grass, clove, cinnamon or tea tree oil are suitable. For sports shoes this is recommended as a daily treatment.

7.      On hot days remove shoes and socks when ever possible. Attempt to expose the feet to air and sunlight at every opportunity.

8.      Carefully dry the feet after exposure to water and apply suitable lotions to feet that assist in maintaining dryness whilst keeping skin supple and water proof.

9.       Massage feet regularly