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Extreme sports Rub is a rub on gel containing extracts of rosemary, ginger and cloves and a natural gum all of which give unsurpassed anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant relief. Added to the gel are two naturally occurring molecules Hydroxymethyl butyrate and Gamma amino butyric acid.


Hydroxymethyl butyrate is the breakdown product of the amino acid leucine in muscles. It stimulates muscle growth and repair and speeds up the healing of tendons. Gamma Amino butyric acid is a neurotransmitter in the brain but in the body it modifies the pain response. The Rosemary extract is a legal anabolic for muscles and helps modify body fat composition.

Thus application of Extreme Sports Rub to muscles and joints improves performance by allowing muscles to fire longer before exhaustion and reducing injury risk.


Train and Perform faster and stronger.

Where an injury has occurred it speeds up healing.

Trials have indicated that Extreme Sports Rub has applications in tendon injuriesand muscle wasting in older people. Rotor Cuff tears in the shoulder is one of the most common injuries in the over 45 age group. Short of total detachment application of extreme sport Rub significantly reduces pain and swelling within 2 weeks and appears to promote healing of the ruptured tendon and rapid reuse of the joint compared to surgery.


Extreme Sports Rub inhibits all 4 enzymes associated with inflammation, unlike other rub on products that only inhibit Cyclo-oxygenase. Extreme sports Rub contains a Calcium salt of hydroxymethyl butyrate this not only promotes muscle growth and healing in the training athlete but Calcium has been shown to extend the firing time of muscles before they become exhausted so the risk of injury during performance is reduced. The Rosemary Extract s a legal anabolic for improved muscle development.


Gamma amino butyric acid allows the athlete to push through the pain barrier.

Extreme Sports Rub is the ideal product for the performing Athlete or the older person suffering from tendon injuries or Muscle wasting.


per 200ml Bottle