Diabetic Health the Natural Way

A number of herb and plant extracts have been shown to make cells in the body more responsive to insulin. Insulin resistance can cause nerve damage, poor circulation, heart disease and lethargy for people living with Diabetes. Peak has formulated a mixture of herbs that contain these extracts to improve the health of Diabetes suffers.

As a general rule Diabetes 2 suffers can gain improved control of their blood sugar with a single dose of these herbs a day. For Diabetes sufferers with fluctuating blood sugar levels, a single dose of these herbs will help stabilise blood sugar levels. (Individual Diabetic response may differ and response to new treatments needs to be carefully monitored.) Exercise and existing drugs regimes should be maintained when using  "Diabetic Health" but monitor blood sugar levels and discuss with your medical practitioner what you are doing.

"Diabetic Health" does not alter blood sugar but makes all cells in the body more responsive to insulin. It contains extracts of food herbs and is not a drug but is classified as a food. To obtain best benefits it should be consumed with your breakfast and blood sugar should be carefully monitored during the day. Adjustments to the dosage of "Diabetic Health" may be made daily, as should your medication to maintain optimal blood sugar.

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