The following clinical notes have been prepared for the exclusive use of health care professionals to assist them in prescribing The Rub

Product:  THE RUB

Provides relief from symptoms of Arthritis, muscle aches and pains and stops bruising if applied soon after injury. It also assists with the healing of damaged muscles and tendons.

THE RUB is the new natural way to live with muscle, joint and arthritic pain. Scientific research has established that muscle, joint and arthritic pain is associated with nutritional abnormalities in the cells of the joints and muscles. (Arthritis Rheum, 39(3):515-21 1996) THE RUB has been specially formulated to provide a balanced composition of cellular nutrients to help correct the abnormalities associated with muscle, joint and arthritic pain and bruising. The correction of these abnormalities results in a significant reduction and in some cases a cessation of symptoms and assists with healing. The pain and swelling associated with arthritis is largely due to cells in the vicinity of the arthritis producing excessive amounts COX 2 and LOX 5 and 12 metabolites and a deficiency of LOX 15 metabolites (LOX = Lipoxygenase and COX = Cyclo-oxygenase). The cellular nutrients in PNP 4 THE RUB reduce the amount of COX 2 and LOX 5 and 12 metabolites produced and increase the production of LOX 15 metabolites thus assisting in restoring normal cell function and greatly reducing or eliminating the symptoms of arthritis muscle pain and bruising. THE RUB is not a drug and contains ingredients that are generally considered to be foods.

In our trialing of THE RUB and in independent scientific studies of the active ingredients, dramatic relief of muscular and joint pain was achieved. For arthritic symptoms most participants had significant reduction in their symptoms and reported improved joint mobility.

The Rub provides symptomatic relief to Arthritis symptoms about equivalent to an anti-inflammatory tablet and a 2mg Valium with no or minimal side effects.

It is probably not suitable for use on patients with wide spread joint problems due to the time required to apply it to each and every joint.

PRECAUTIONS: 1. People with known sensitivity to herbs and spices and their extracts particularly ginger and cloves should not use The RUB.

2. If an allergy, irritation or other reaction occurs wash the affected area with soap and water and discontinue use. Tests indicate that around 1 in 4000 patients may develop an allergic reaction after using The Rub.

3. Calendula based products may cause an allergy when used with The Rub.

4.The Rub seems to have little benefit for people taking Methatrexate

SIDE EFFECTS: The RUB contains alcohol and may cause stinging when applied to broken skin or may cause drying of the skin if used for prolonged periods It may also affect blood alcohol readings. (The Rub S is helpful in these circumstances or where the skin is paper thin).

USE up to 10 times per day

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