These CLINICAL NOTES have been prepared for the exclusive use of Health Care Professionals in assisting with prescribing PNP2

Psoriasis, Eczema and Dry skin

PNP 2 is a new approach to living with Psoriasis. Scientific research has established that skin cells affected by Psoriasis suffer a range of nutritional and functional abnormalities (Lipids, Vol 31, Supplement 1996). PNP 2 is a specially formulated food (nutrient mixture), that, when applied to the skin, provides a balanced composition of essential fatty acids and cellular metabolites to help restore normal function to Psoriasis affected skin cells as well as providing relief for eczema and dry skin. The itching and redness associated with Psoriasis affected skin cells is caused by an excess of skin cell metabolites of essential fatty acids produced in the COX 2 and LOX 5 enzyme pathways. The thickening and flaking of skin cells affected by Psoriasis is associated with an excess of 12 LOX products (LOX = Lipoxygenase enzyme and COX = Cyclo-oxygenase enzyme). The natural food extracts in PNP 2 stimulate the production of LOX 15 essential fatty acid metabolites that are associated with the remission of Psoriasis and reduce the production of the COX 2, LOX 5 and 12 products associated with Psoriasis flare up. By restoring normal skin cell metabolism, the symptoms of Psoriasis are greatly reduced and often totally eliminated.

For mild Psoriasis, PNP 2 is applied to the affected skin morning and night and for severe Psoriasis it is applied 3 times a day and when skin is irritated or itchy, up to ten times per day. In our trialing of PNP 2, all subjects showed dramatic improvement. A subject with Psoriasis on the elbows, showed complete clearing in 3 days and a subject with extensive Psoriasis covering around 80% of their skin had almost complete clearing after 6 weeks of use. Other subjects fell between these two. No adverse effects were noticed other than that normal skin healed quicker when PNP 2 was applied to it. All subjects reported that staining of bedding and clothes was not a problem and that they liked the product because as their skin improved they used less.

Although we have had very good results, in alleviating Psoriasis symptoms with no adverse reactions, it is possible that PNP 2 could cause skin irritation for some people and it is also possible that PNP 2 may provide only limited or no relief for some individuals. In long term trialing of PNP 2 some rebound of Psoriasis has been observed. This was noticed particularly on people who had achieved good results and had stopped using the PNP 2 and begun again after their Psoriasis flared up. It is clear from long term trials that the Psoriatic skin becomes tolerant to PNP 2 therefor we recommend that people use it till they notice no further improvement then change to another product that they have found beneficial and alternate the products. If patients are on Methatrexate PNP2 is generally not effective. We have obtained reasonable results with PNP 4 the Rub on patients suffering from Psoriatic Arthritis.

For old, dry or sun damaged skin PNP 2 restores moisture balance and suppleness

And makes the skin look younger.

Cost is $20 per 200ml bottle. We can supply 50ml roll-on bottles for $10 by separate order. FREE copy of helpful hints for living with Psoriasis is provided with each bottle.

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